Review-Apollo In Harlem, New York-Women Of The World Festival (Wow)

Women Of The World Festival: Big Ideas-Intimate Conversations took place last weekend (May 4-7, 2017) and WOW indeed!  Dr. Yarrell-Harris and colleague, Ms. Butler were proud attendees! The venues took place at the world famous Apollo ‘s Mainstage, Greenroom and Soundstage covering conversations, events and performances.  This included, but was not limited to, Live Wire: Politics of Style, Speed Mentoring, Teen Summit, Period Rights, Self-Acceptance and Single Motherhood Raising Powerful Girls!  Live Wire- Performance and the Politics of Style goal to highlight women’s imprint on popular culture and how cross cultural style helped influence social consciousness, politics, gender and race ( few of Dr. Yarrell-Harris’ favorite professional areas of specialty and topics). Speed Mentoring-objective to showcase mentoring experts across many fields and allowed attendees to visit up to four mentors. Teen Summit: Girls, Pearls, Unfurl: Identity and Self Love in the Millennial Age goal- an interactive two-part program designed to provide a “safe-space for New York City teens to learn about issues of gender and power and its impact on their daily lives (double WOW)! Period Rights: Who Gets To Bleed With Dignity – objective to focus debate on changing and giving back power to “bleed with dignity!”  Addressing and dealing with conversation about functions of women’s bodies, historically and social conditions such as homelessness, prison and poverty that prevent women from leading a more productive life. Self-Acceptance- goal of workshop to focus on self-acceptance through personal style. Raising Powerful Girls-objective to help create and give empowerment tools to our girls around the world!  Psychological concepts-ambition, desire, dreams, identity, positive legacy, generational sustainability (again, right up Dr. Yarrell-Harris’ ally). Dr. Yarrell-Harris, ( consultant, psychotherapist and researcher) along with Ms. Butler(adjunct instructor, mentor and teacher)  will continue to use  these empowering events and venues to   work in all these important areas of our girls lives.  Remembering our ancestral saying, “it takes a village to raise a child!”
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